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County marching bands want to entertain the ears and eyes

The "Anaboliset Aineet" pesky bugs on the field, "Anabolika Definition" the oppressive heat and the evening sun, sitting at the perfect angle to blind the eyes, did not stop them.

They stood side by side in a tight half moon arc, marching steadily in place. On the grass below each instrumentalist lay white sheet music, which many referenced with a quick glance to stay on track.

It''s a scene played out by high school marching bands across the county during the summer.

Ephrata High School''s marching band, however, has something that it hopes will make it special a Western style show that will entertain Comprar Levitra the eyes as well as "Oxandrolone Powder India" the ears.

"The music can paint a picture, but if you can have a visual aspect that your eyes can see, that really ties it all together," said Amy Mackenzie, a band volunteer.

This year, the school is performing music by American composer Aaron Copland and the marching band is determined to evoke a full frontier setting.

The group''s visual captain, Jessica Chinchock, has been busy commissioning large backdrops depicting wheat fields, mountains and horses to be wheeled onto the field during some of Equipoise Racehorse the "cowboy oriented" numbers.

"You want the music to be represented visually," director Sonia Straley said.

The band will perform some "galloping, singing and stepping," and the color guard will round out the show with rifles and flags splashed with a playful red pony.

"You see what you hear and you hear what you see and that''s what you''re judged on," Straley said.

Ephrata is one of several competition bands in the county rolling out elaborate shows this fall, using a combination of backdrops, costumes, props and unique formations to tell a story or communicate a theme.

"The visual aspect helps to answer, ''Why are they playing that music? Why are they moving that way?" Penn Manor director Tom Mumma said.

In the past, Penn Manor has Proviron Que Hace done a number of unique shows, such as enacting Edgar Allen Poe''s "Tell Tale Heart," complete with students emerging from makeshift floorboards.

This year, the band is doing a show called "Earth" and is hoping to work with the Millersville University art department on a 16 by 16 foot backdrop of land, water and sky to "tie it all together."

"You build whatever you need to communicate your story," Mumma said.

Ten local schools compete in the "Cavalcade of Bands," a musical and marching showdown between students from as far away as Maryland and New Jersey.

Strong performers in the past, Warwick High School is hoping to make its competitors walk the plank.

"We are doing a show about pirates, but with a new twist," director Rebecca Staznik said.

Their show depicts a mutiny on the High Seas as a pirate seeks to overthrow his captain.

In 2008, the students won the championship title in one of Cavalcade''s divisions with "The Rise of the Samurai Warrior," depicting the delicate balance between a samurai''s violent military actions and the wisdom and serenity of their Primobolan Xbs daily life.

"Our band serves a dual role," Manheim Township director Scott Siegel explained of competition bands. "Half of our job is to support our school with school spirit."

"The other half of what we do is competitive performance."

Their show this year, "Stages of Life," depicts four human emotions as the band varies the tempos and drill formations to communicate feelings of "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" anticipation, contemplation, confusion and acceptance. The color guard will change costumes to keep pace.

"At a football game, the band is a passing thought at half time," he said. "But at competitions, the audience is there only to see us."

Bands across the county are using their moment in the spotlight to get creative.

"I''ve seen Asian themed shows, with a huge dragon like you see on Chinese New Year, umbrellas, fans," said John Brackbill, director of Manheim Central High School''s marching band.

"Or bands that play all Coldplay."

His students have already put in "well over 100 hours" before school starts, rehearsing a Cirque du Soleil inspired show.